Boingo offers blazing-fast Wi-Fi and TV service to barracks residents

Boingo’s Wi-Fi service is available in the barracks and it was designed specifically for the on-the-go military lifestyle.

Easy Sign Up

Subscribers can easily select a plan that best fits their needs. Boingo offers flexible plan options, so Marines and sailors can choose from one day, one week, one month and monthly plans. Sign up in the barracks and enjoy service instantly!


Boingo’s services are not limited to a single room or area, like they are with a cable subscription. Customers can use their service anywhere there’s a Boingo signal on base and at other bases. As an added bonus, subscribers also enjoy complimentary access to Boingo’s global network of over one million hotspots when they travel outside of the base. Plus, we offer 24/7 customer support.

Everyday Low Prices

Boingo doesn’t have complicated plans with promotions that expire. We offer everyday low prices – so what customers see is what they pay. Period. No hidden fees. No contracts. No hassles. Boingo also provides complimentary local TV and Internet service to Marines and sailors living in the barracks.

Fast. Instant. Awesome.

Sign Up Instructions

  • Connect to the Boingo Wireless Wi-Fi network in participating barracks locations
  • Open a browser
  • Select a plan and create an account
  • Enjoy!