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Family Readiness

Family Readiness Program Training

The Family Readiness Program is responsible for training and support of all members of the Unit, Personal & Family Readiness Program. The Unit, Personal & Family Readiness Program will: Educate, Assist and Empower by providing: Information, Tools, Resources and Support to Marines and their families so that they can achieve and maintain a high state of personal readiness and resiliency in response to life, career and mission events.

What is a Marine’s Family?
A Marine’s Family is defined as all members of a Marine’s Family. The Marine’s family includes the one they are “Born Into”, Sworn into” and “Married Into” as well as friends and partners that they identify as family.

What is a Family Readiness Officer (FRO)?
The FRO is the face of the Commanding Officer’s vision for family readiness and will provide direct coordination for the unit family readiness program.

Event Schedule

Classes Offered

Family Readiness Assistant / Command Team Advisor Training
Required by Headquarters Marine Corps (HQMC), this training prepares Family Readiness Advisors and Assistants to perform their duties for the Unit, Personal & Family Readiness Program.

A Family Readiness Assistant or Advisor is a spouse, Marine, or designated parent or extended family member of the unit, appointed in writing by the commanding Officer. These Volunteers support the unit family readiness program, in several ways Welcoming unit families, providing feedback from unit families and assisting with information and referral services.

Command Team Training
Available upon request for members of the Command Team.

Readiness Coordinator Training 
Training is provided monthly and upon request to Deployment Readiness Coordinators (DRC) and Uniformed Readiness Coordinators (URC).

Family Readiness
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