Marine Marts Around MCAS Miramar

While you’re at the Marine Mart picking up your beverages, salty snacks or doughnuts, don’t forget to stop by the food bar located near checkout for your Tornados (taquitos), soup, nachos, hot dogs and of course, hot coffee.

Elrod Marine Mart

Tel: (858) 695-7315  / Location: Bldg. 2499  / Hours: Open Daily, 5am-11pm

Your convenience store with a wide variety of food, beverages, Grab-N-Go meals, nutritional supplements and bars, personal hygiene items, fresh brewed coffee, magazines, DVDs, domestic and imported beer, specialty wines and spirits. We carry basic household needs, like towels, fans, sheets, hangers, automotive items, etc… Anything a Marine might need to set up their barracks room. We also carry electronics items like speakers, sound bars and gaming accessories. Because the Marine Mart is next to the barracks, we like to make the new Marine welcome with basic set up items.

Flight Line Marine Mart

Tel: (858) 695-1001 / Location: Bldg. 8675 / Hours: Mon-Fri: 5:30am-6:00pm

Don’t have time to venture far from the flight line? Don’t worry! You’ll find a food court, Marine Mart, barber shop and vehicle registration service in the Flight Line Marine Mart Complex. The Barber Shop is open from 0900-1500 on Sunday.

Gonsalves Marine Mart

Tel: (858) 695-7300 / Location: Bldg. 2662 / Hours: Mon-Fri, 6am-7pm; Sat-Sun, 9am-5pm

The Gonsalves Marine Mart is located on the south edge of the MCX Miramar Shopping Center. Along with wide variety of the same items found at our location on Elrod, this facility features 24 fueling stations, diesel and propane, a drive-thru car wash and vacuum stations.