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Operation Adrenaline Rush

Operation Adrenaline Rush (OAR) combines Combat and Operational Stress Control (COSC) principles with an outdoor recreation adventure activity to aid in mitigating boredom and high-risk behavior of recently deployed Marines and Sailors.

To assist Marines and Sailors in re-integration by empowering small unit leaders, maintaining combat readiness, reinforcing unit cohesion and contributing to an improved climate perception.

Who is eligible?
• Marines & Sailors that have recently returned from deployment or training. OAR is an Active Duty and Unit driven program, individuals are not eligible.

• Miramar’s OAR program offers the following activities;

Summer: wakeboard/jetskiing, surfing, deep sea fishing, paintball, zip lining, and mountain biking.

Winter: snowboarding/skiing, rock climbing, deep sea fishing, and paintball.

Bldg. 2273
• Mon-Fri (0830-1700)
• Weekends & Holidays (Closed)
(858) 577-4149
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