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Welcome to MCCS Miramar's Semper Fit Center
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MCCS Miramar offers a wide range of activities to take advantage of during your off-duty hours. Many are found right here in this category for auto enthusiasts, travelers, adventure-seekers, movie buffs, golfers and so much more! Scroll down for a glimpse of what's available to you through MCCS Miramar's Recreation menu.
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  50 meter pool

oclub pool
Aquatics / Pools

50 Meter Swimming Pool (858) 577-4137 • Bldg. 2000

See our page for current list of hours of operation.
All Hands Pool (858) 577-4154 • Bldg. 2251
See our page for current list of hours of operation.
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  Auto Repair  
Auto Skills Center
(858) 577-1215 • Bldg. 6673
Mon, Tue & Holidays (Closed) / Wed - Fri (1
200-2000) / Sat-Sun (0900-1700)
Whether you're looking to repair, restore or soup up your auto, the Auto Skills Center offers everything you'll need.
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  Barber Shop 7-Day   Big Bear Recreational Facility
Reservations Desk: (858) 271-7111, Ext. 5 • Bldg 2515 / Miramar Inn 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Discover a hidden retreat centered in the heart of the San Bernardino Mountains, a perfect getaway for a little rest and recreation..
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  Auto Repair   Enlisted Recreation Center (The Great Escape)
(858) 577-6171 • Bldg. 5305 I Sun & Mon (1100-2200) / Fri & Sat (1100-2300)
The Miramar Great Escape Enlisted Recreation Center was developed as a non-alcoholic alternative to the Enlisted Club and is also a 'home away from home'.
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  Auto Repair  
Fish Pond
Management Office: (858) 577-4150 • Bldg. 6673
The Miramar Fish Pond is about 250 meters long and 150 meters wide, and is about 30 feet deep near the dam.
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  Custom Services  
ITT/Travel Office
(858) 577-4126/4141 • Bldg. 2524 I Mon-Fri (9am-5pm) / Sat (9am-2pm), Sun & Holidays (Closed)
The ITT/Travel Office is dedicated to providing tickets for theme parks (throughout the United States), entertainment (concerts, theater, movies) and local attractions for the military community at discounted prices.
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  Hertz Car Rental   Mills Park
For Reservations: (858) 577-4099 • Bldg. 2273
Features ball fields, a basketball court, a track with exercise stations, a playground, barbecue grills, covered picnic areas and two tennis courts across from the north side of the parking lot.
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  Car Wash   Miramar Golf Course
(858) 577-4155 I Bldg. 3485 I Mon-Fri (7:30am-4pm)
The MCAS Miramar Golf Course is so highly recommended that it has served as the home of the annual Armed Forces Golf Tournament and is ranked among the top eight military golf courses in the U.S. by Travel & Leisure Golf Magazine.
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  Car Wash   Outdoor Adventure Center – Recreational Equipment Rental
(858) 577-4150 I Bldg. 6673 I Mon-Fri (9am-5:30pm) / Sat (9am-1pm), Sun & Holidays (Closed)
No matter where you want to go or what you want to do, the Outdoor Adventure Center has the equipment you need at the lowest prices around.
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  Paintball Park at Miramar  
Paintball Arena
(866) 985-4932 I Sat & Sun: For Walk-ons (8:30am-5pm) / For Groups: Open 7 days a week
Come out to take a shot (or several) in our new paintball park, featuring Deadwood, a western themed paintball venue,
Base Camp
and with more parks to come!

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  Hertz Car Rental   RV & Vehicle Storage
(858) 271-7111, Ext. 3
Need to store your vehicle, rv or boat? We have the solution for you. We have two storage facilities on base and a main office that's centrally located at the Miramar Inn.
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  Car Wash   Bob Hope Theater
(858) 577-4143 • Bldg. 2242
The Bob Hope Theater shows movies five nights a week, Wednesday through Sunday, and matinees on Saturday and Sunday.
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