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1. Active Duty & Reservist are FREE - (Please present ID)

2. Family members / DOD / Guests - Fee Applies (Present monthly / daily pass)

3. For Safety Reasons: No gym bags, or purses on Aerobics Room floor

4. You cannot "hold" space / equipment for others. First come, first served

5. No kettle bells in Aerobics Room

6. Return equipment to racks after use

7. Personal Yoga mats required for Yoga / PI-YO

8. Wipe down mats after use

9. Wait for class to exit before you enter / set-up for next class

Our classes are offered throughout the week.  All classes are free to active duty with a valid ID card and all other authorized patrons will be charged a fee.
  • Individuals must be at least age 12 to participate in group exercise classes, be accompanied by adult at all times, must attend Marine Teen Training and obtain Teen Card. No one under age 12 is permitted in the Aerobic Room during class time. All patrons must sign a Liability Waiver before participating in group exercise classes. All equipment will be returned to its proper place after use.
  • Beginners, pregnant women and individuals with health-related conditions are encouraged to notify the instructor prior to participating in group exercise classes. The instructor will advise the patron on the proper way to adjust the intensity of the class to meet their personal safety requirements.
  • Please click here for current schedule and class description.

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