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Active Duty, Reserve, Retired military, DoD Civilians, and family members with ID cards are eligible patrons. Refer to MCO P1700.27 and StaO 1700.1D for further eligibility criteria. 

All patrons entering the fitness facilities are required to check-in on the touch screen or sign in at the front desk. Patrons should have their ID card available for eligibility verification.

Patrons are required to wear appropriate exercise attire when using the fitness facilities.  Sweat gear, non-marking rubber soled shoes, tee shirts, etc., are deemed appropriate.  Camouflage utilities are authorized. Rubber suits and sauna suits are prohibited due to safety concerns.  Tank tops, T-shirts, and sports bras that reveal the mid section are considered inappropriate athletic attire.  Ball caps, doo rags, skull caps, bandanas and other headgear are not permitted in fitness facilities, unless worn for medical purposes.  Sweatbands are authorized.  Fitness Center staff is authorized to enforce the appropriate attire policy as deemed necessary.
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  • Reservation for unit functions are limited based on scheduled events.  Contact the front desk for information.
  • Dunking or hanging on basketball rims is permitted only during MCCS sanctioned basketball games/events.
  • Personal clothing and other non-athletic equipment must be secured in lockers and not on the floor.
  • Patrons must enter and exit through the main gymnasium doors.  Fire doors should not be used except in emergency.
  • Proper athletic shoes (non-marking rubber soled shoes) must be worn on the gym floor.
  • MCCS and command sponsored events have priority in the use of the court and equipment.
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  • Active Duty personnel have priority.
  • Patrons must sign out all equipment at the front desk.
  • All items must remain on base and be returned by close of business the same day checked out.
  • The Semper Fit staff cannot be responsible for individual identification cards, keys, or other personal items left at the front desk. Patrons must either keep these items with them at all times or secure in a daily locker.
  • Please return all equipment to proper place after use.
  • All padded and cardio equipment will be disinfected and wiped down after each use.
  • Novice patrons are encouraged to seek assistance from certified fitness staff regarding proper workout and lifting techniques.
  • During peak times or when there is a wait to utilize cardiovascular equipment, a thirty (30) minute time limit will be enforced. A sign-in log may be used during peak times to monitor and assist patrons.
  • For safety and security purposes, no personal items including gym bags are permitted in the fitness area. Lockers are available in both the men and women’s locker rooms to store personal items.
  • Fitness staff may require and direct individuals to have a "spotter," based on the specific lift being accomplished
  • The use of foul and abusive language will not be tolerated
  • The use of tobacco products is prohibited anywhere in the facility and grounds unless in a designated tobacco area.
  • Spitting anywhere in the facility is strictly prohibited and may result in expulsion from the building.
  • Food and beverages are not authorized in the gymnasium, racquetball courts, fitness deck, aerobic room, locker rooms and saunas. Water or sports drinks that are contained in a sports bottle that have a self-contained cover to eliminate spillage are authorized.

> General safety and health related policies are posted in the individual gyms to protect our customers and may be specific to one or more of our unique and specialized fitness centers.
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Active Duty, reserve, retired military, their family members, and DoD civilians are eligible participants.   Guests are permitted when sponsored by an authorized patron who is 18 years of age or over.  The sponsor is responsible for their guest at all times and the guest is subject to pay a daily fee (two guests per ID card). 

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  • Dunking or hanging on basketball rims is strictly prohibited unless during MCCS sanctioned basketball games and IAW with the Basketball Governing Rules pertaining to dunking.
  • Personal clothing and other non-athletic equipment must be secured in lockers.
  • Patrons must enter and exit thorough the main gymnasium doors. Fire doors should not be used except in emergency.
  • Proper athletic shoes must be worn on the gym floor. Street shoes, shoes that mark the floor or shoes that have been worn outside are not permitted.  
  • Patrons must sign out and return all gym equipment from the front desk.
  • MCCS and command sponsored events have priority in the use of the gym and equipment.
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Daily Use Lockers:

Daily lockers are available in Men’s and Women’s locker rooms free of charge.  Locks are not provided.  All items stored in daily use lockers should be removed by the end of the business day.  Locks remaining after twenty-four (24) hours will be cutoff.  MCCS is not responsible for items stored in the lockers.

Rental Lockers:
Locker rentals are available at the Miramar Sports Complex and Semper Fit Center.  MCAS Miramar Active Duty personnel have priority.  Remaining authorized patrons may rent a locker on a space available basis.  Rule and regulations regarding monthly locker fees and overdue time limitations are provided on the renter’s contract.
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Youth between ages 12-17 must attend Marine Teen Training and obtain a Teen Card before being permitted to use the Fitness Center.  Upon completion of the Marine Teen Training, youth ages12-15 are authorized to work out under the direct supervision of an adult at all times.  Youth 16-17 may work out alone. Due to safety reasons children 11 and under are not permitted at any time in the free weight/cardio equipment or fitness area; this includes infants in car seats, strollers, etc. Youth between  the ages of 10-11 may use the basketball court alone provided they have a valid military ID card in their possession. Children under 10 must be supervised at all times and use of other areas in the fitness center facility is limited to participation in an MCCS youth sponsored event.
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