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The Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society is a nonprofit, charitable organization that provides financial, educational, and other assistance to members of the Naval Services of the United States, and their eligible family members and survivors, when in need. To do this, counseling, loans, grants, various services, and referral to other community resources are available. There are no fees for such help.
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  Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society Thrift Shops enable servicemembers and their families to purchase used clothing, uniforms, and household items at a nominal cost. The sales income realized from thrift shops is returned to the Navy-Marine Corps community in the form of relief services. All items sold in NMCRS Thrift Shops were donated to the Society. Feel free to drop off donated items in back of building - no large furniture, computer monitors or broken items please!

Thrift Shops are run by Volunteers. Opportunities are available for Volunteers to sort merchandise, arrange displays, work as cashiers, pick up donations, and serve as store managers. Mileage and child care are reimbursed. Contact Leah Miller if you are interested in volunteering.


(858) 577-5009 • Bldg. 6275 Tue & Thu (10am-1pm)

> DONATION EFFORT FOR VICTIMS OF COUNTY FIRES MCCS is coordinating donations of items for families that have lost items as a result of the fire. We are making room in our Thrift Store to accommodate these items. Depending on the size of the donated item, we can accept them in our office. However, anyone who would like to donate large items will need to make arrangements to open the Thrift Store. MOMs will also receive donations and has a larger warehouse to accommodate beds and larger items. Obviously, any monetary donations will be routed to HQ.

If you have any families that are in need of items, they will need to come to any NMCRS office and request a chit to go to the Miramar Thrift Store. Our volunteers have been prompted not to sell any items that have been donated specifically for homeless families. Additionally, we are in receipt of over a thousand 90 minute phone cards. We will provide these to needy families as well during this time.

> WE OPEN EARLY FOR SPOUSES! Spouses are also welcomed to shop half an hour earlier, starting at 0930.

> ACTIVE DUTY SERVICE MEMBERS are allowed to shop during our hours of operation, or whenever volunteers are present in the store. 

> NMCRS QUICK ASSIST LOAN The southwest area is currently running a pilot to offer a $500 Quick assist loan.
[ Attached ] is a press release about this pilot.

> THE AMERICAN RED CROSS NEEDS VOLUNTEERS. To find out how you can help the San Diego chapter of the ARC, please click [ here ] www.sdarc.org to view volunteer opportunity information.


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