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Miramar Volunteer Program


The goal of the Volunteer Management Program is to assist Marines and their family members in finding volunteer opportunities both on their installation and in the surrounding areas.  Additionally the Volunteer Coordinator is to assist community partners that are looking for volunteers by publishing opportunities to those that have signed up to receive this information.

Miramar’s Volunteer Management Program offers a variety of services to military personnel, family members (to include youth), and veterans. The Volunteer Program strives to provide learning opportunities, training, job experience, development of interpersonal relationships and networking.  In addition, we hope to provide each volunteer with a sense of well-being, spirit of community and experiences that will be fulfilling to both the volunteer and the person and/or the organization with which the volunteer works.

Passport to Volunteering Workshop

Passport to Volunteering is designed to give volunteers the tools necessary to have a successful and fulfilling volunteer career. Volunteers will be exposed to the fulfilling part of volunteering and the necessary skills needed to ensure their volunteer experience is positive and rewarding.

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Disclaimer: This listing of volunteer opportunities is provided for informational purposes for military members and their families and does not imply official DoD or USMC endorsement of any non-Federal volunteer opportunity. Individuals who volunteer do so at their own risk. DoD and USMC do not monitor or control and are not responsible for the listed organization. DoN/USMC may not provide uniformed support to work volunteer events. This includes ushers, greeters, servers, award presentations, etc. Any requests for uniformed service members must be routed through the appropriate Public Affairs Office and Staff Judge Advocates office.

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