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MCCS Spotlight

    April is Month of the Military Child (MOMC)

    Join MCCS in celebrating our military children. Look for our MOMC booklet for event happenings, coupons, discounts and more!

    Unwasted (Alcohol-Free) Warrior Weekend

    Friday - Sunday, April 20- 22, Times Vary
    The Great Escape, The Hub, Bldg. 5305

    Friday, April 20

    • 0800-1200: Max Out Challenge
    • 1800: Fear Factor
    • 1830: 8-Ball Pool Tournament
    • 2000: Outdoor Movie

    Saturday, April 21,

    • 1130: SMP Day of Service
    • 1400: Double Trouble Sand Volleyball and Basketball Tournament
    • 1830: 9-Ball Pool Tournament

    Sunday, April 22,

    • 1400: Gladiator Challenge
    • 1600: Texas Hold Em’ Tournament

    Call 858-577-6171 for more information.

    Personal Financial Management: Car Buying Workshop

    Wednesday, April 25, 1400-1530
    The Hub, Bldg. 5305, Classroom 1

    This workshop teaches about the four separate stages of car buying and has a special segment on negotiating. This class is perfect for everyone, from first time car buyers to someone on their third or fourth car purchase. Call 858-577-9802 for information.

    Behavioral Health/Community Counseling Center: Smart Decision Making Class

    Wednesday, April 25, 1130-1230
    Behavioral Health, Bldg. 2274

    This interactive class will help you make choices with purpose and mindfulness by providing skills to combat stress, peer pressure, effects of alcohol on decision making and negative thinking. Call 858-577-8867 to register.

    Marine Corps Family Team Building: Developing Healthy Blended Families

    Thursday, April 26, 1730-1930
    LINKS House, Bldg. 2273

    Come crack the code on the common challenges facing blended families. Explore new ways in achieving family unity, all while spending some time with others who are in the same boat as you. Call 858-577-4918 to register or for information.

    Behavioral Health/Community Counseling Center: Prime for Life 4.5

    Friday, April 27, 0730-1200
    Behavioral Health, Bldg. 2274

    Prime for Life (P4L) is a risk reduction program. The first goal is to help each person served in reducing the risk for any type of alcohol or illicit substance issue. The second goal focuses on self-assessment; to help persons served understand and accept the need to make changes and protect according to identified values in their lives. Call 858-577-1129 for information.

    Semper Fit: Lifeguarding Classes

    Monday-Friday, April 28 & 29, 0900-1700
    The 50-Meter Pool, Bldg. 2000

    Must be at least 15 years old to participate. Cost is $150/person. Final class dates are 5/5 & 5/6. Call 858-577-4137 for information or to register.

    Children, Youth & Teen Center: Youth Sports Flag Football/Cheerleading and Volleyball Registrations

    Monday - Friday through April 30, 0600-1700
    The Children, Youth & Teen Center, Bldg. 2700

    Call 858-577-6530 for more information.

    Children’s Library: Legos in the Library

    Mondays, 1600-1700
    The Children’s Library, Bldg. 5305

    Every Monday, hundreds of Legos are set out. What is the connection between books and Legos? It promotes early literacy development by increasing attention span, spatial awareness, memory, creativity, language, and vocabulary. It lays the foundation for mathematical reasoning and logical thinking. The goal is simple…to have fun! Call 858-577-6316 for information.

    Education Center: Financial Aid Workshop

    Mondays, 1130-1300
    The Hub, Bldg. 5305, Education Center

    DO YOU NEED MONEY FOR COLLEGE? If so, find out how to apply for Federal Student Aid “FAFSA.” Call 858-577-1801 for information.

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