MCCS Spotlight

    Fit Body for New Year 2017

    March 14 - April 11, 2017
    Every Tuesday - 0800-0900

    This is a full body circuit training class designed to improve one’s flexibility, endurance, agility, strength and overall health!
    Only $5 Per Class • Active Duty is FREE!
    Limited spots available. Must contact Brandon Fulford at (858) 577-4674 to reserve spot.

    Child & Youth Program: Spring Soccer

    Registration: February 3 - March 3, from 0600-1700
    Youth & Teen Center, Bldg. 2700

    $55 for registered members/$60 non registered members includes uniform (jersey, shorts and socks), trophy and team picture package. For more information please contact Child and Youth Programs Front Desk, 858-577-4136.

    Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP): Family Connection (Potty Training)

    Tuesday, February 21, from 1800-2000
    Murphy Canyon Chapel

    Come learn from Rady Children's Hospital as they provide successful strategies for daytime and nighttime toileting problems. Call 858-577-4588 for more information.

    Marine Corps Family Team Building: 4 Lenses-Foundation

    Thursday, February 23, from 0900-1100
    L.I.N.K.S. House, Bldg. 2273

    This training has strengthened marriages, opened the lines of communication between children and parents, reduced personal misunderstandings, and generally helped individuals communicate with others in a way that fosters mutual understanding and acceptance. Used properly, the principles you will discover in this workshop will empower you to improve aspects of every personal relationship in your life. Call 858-577-4918 to register or for more information.

    Career Resource Center: LinkedIn Success Workshop

    Thursday, February 23, from 0900-1100
    The Hub, Bldg. 5305

    Learn how use LinkedIn for professional networking. Call 858-577-6710 to register or for more information.

    Children, Youth & Teen Center: Parents Night Out

    Friday, February 24, from 1830-2230
    Child, Youth & Teen Center, Bldg. 2700

    Let the kids hang out with our awesome staff while you and your spouse enjoy a night out. Call 858-577-4136 to register or for more information.

    Behavioral Health/Community Counseling Center: Within My Reach

    Monday, February 27, from 0800-1130
    Behavioral Health Center, Bldg. 2274

    A healthy relationship IS "Within My Reach!" This class is for single, dating, married, divorced - anyone who wants to get to know themselves better and make good decisions in their romantic lives. We explore conflict in relationships, personality types, decision-making skills while under the "love spell," and what you truly want from a mate. Call 858-577-8867 for information.

    Education Center: Higher Education Prep Brief

    Wednesdays, from 1130-1330
    The Hub, Bldg. 5305

    This course is designed for the active duty service member seeking to attend an institute of higher learning using military Tuition Assistance (TA). 
Call 858-577-1801 for more information.

    Children’s Library: Legos in the Library

    Mondays, from 1600-1700
    The Children’s Library, Bldg. 5305

    Hundreds of Legos are set out. What is the connection between books and Legos? It promotes early literacy development by increasing attention span, spatial awareness, memory, creativity, language, and vocabulary. It lays the foundation for mathematical reasoning and logical thinking. The goal is simple…to have fun! Call 858-577-6316 for information.

    Education Center: Financial Aid Workshop

    Mondays, from 1130-1300
    The Hub, Bldg. 5305

    DO YOU NEED MONEY FOR COLLEGE? If so, find out how to apply for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). For more information regarding this workshop call the Education Center at 858-577-1801 for more information.

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