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MCCS Spotlight

    Enter the Calorie Burning Challenge

    • JUNE 3 - JULY 31


    This is a calorie burn challenge! Record and track your calories at each BYOB class, via At the end of each month,
    use only the highest calories burned in this challenge to win a prize! So come to the Semper Fit Center and Build Your Own Body.

    Win Prizes in the Spin Bike Challenge

    • JUNE 3 - JULY 25

    When you attend spin classes during the months of June and July, you will track your duration and your distance using the stage monitor on your bike! Record categories on your tracking paperwork for each session! At the end of the month, the highest scores will win a prize for each category!


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    ITT Office - Tickets on sale

    San Diego Padres
    San Diego County Fair:
    Now – Thursday 7/4. Admission Only, Rides & Games, Admission & Ride Packs, Beverage Festivals and Concerts.
    Waterparks: Aquatica San Diego in Chula Vista and Knotts Soak City in Buena Park.
    MCAS Miramar Air Show: Go to, call 858-577-4126/4141 or visit the ITT Office in Bldg. 2524 for information.

    Education Center: Basic Training for Higher Education

    Thursday, June 20, 1100-1200
    The Hub, Bldg. 5305 Miramar Room

    For more information please call 858-577-1801.

    Behavioral Health/Community Counseling Center: Domestic Violence Awareness Class

    Monday, June 24, 1400-1600
    Behavioral Health, Bldg. 2274

    There are many myths commonly associated with domestic violence.  This class is intended to educate attendees about the dynamics of abusive behaviors, various legal consequences as well as to provide basic skills for individuals in order to avoid using violence in their personal relationship.  To register for both classes click on the link.

    Marine Corps Family Team Building: LINKS for Spouses

    Tuesday, June 25, 0900-1600
    LINKS House, Bldg. 2273

    The L.I.N.K.S. program offers an orientation to the Marine Corps lifestyle, helping spouses understand and adapt to the unique challenges military life often presents. While the curriculum targets those who are new to the Marine Corps community, the information is beneficial to all levels of the Marine Corps experience. Enjoy a day of fun, learning, networking, insight, tips, vital information and ideas. This class is a full day Saturday class to accommodate those who work during the week or do not have childcare. Call 858-577-4918 for questions or to register.

    Library/Children’s Library: Literature Comes to Life

    Wednesday, June 26, at 1400
    Library/Children's Library

    "Literature Comes to Life" with Stacy Wein returns to the Miramar Station Library during the 2019 Summer Reading Program. During this special program, your child will be able to put on professionally crafted costumes and perform a beloved Children's story in the Miramar Station Library's Children Room! Make sure to have your camera on hand as you will want to take photos! In order to sign up, you must be registered for the 2019 Summer Reading Program at Call 858-577-6316 for more information.

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