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MCCS Spotlight

    Children, Youth & Teen Center

    Flag Football (5-15) Volleyball (8-15) Cheerleading (5-13) Registrations
    Monday Thru Friday, April 1-30, from 0600-1700

    The Youth & Teen Center, Bldg. 2700.
    For more information on both, please contact Youth Sports at 577-6530.

    Information & Referral: PCS Class

    Tuesday, April 23, 0900-1100
    The Hub, Bldg. 5305

    This class will provide information to service members and their families with PCS orders outside of the Continental United States.  The focus is on coping with relocation, pre-departure preparation, entitlements and benefits, managing the move, and requesting a sponsor. Registration is required. Please contact 858-577-1428 or
    email smbmiramarmccs.​ to register.

    Marine Corps Family Team Building: Ready Series

    Tuesday, April 23, 0800-1200
    LINKS House, Bldg. 2273

    Are you fully prepared for the Zombie Plague? Have you even considered the impact of rogue unicorns? Sure the Mayans were wrong about 2012, but that doesn’t mean you’re off the hook! No matter what the threat, families that take the time to prepare are able to face any separation (long or short) with a greater sense of confidence and security. This workshop is a collection of Life Skills classes which addresses the big ticket items that Military families should be educated on and prepared for prior to any deployments or separations. This collection includes: Casualty Notification Process, Emergency Preparedness, Family Care Plan, Safe & Sound at Home, and Social Networking Safety. Be ready to go when your Marine goes. Required registration can be done by calling 858-577-4810/4918 or online.

    Career Resource Center: Career Exploration & Planning Track (CEPT)

    Wednesday & Thursday, April 24-25, 0800-1600
    The Hub, Bldg. 5305

    This free two-day course will help you answer those questions by guiding you through a process of self-reflection, assessment, research, and planning. You will be introduced to tools and resources to help you evaluate the career options which may be best for you and how you can gain the necessary training or credentials to pursue them. Using this information, you will create a detailed plan to pursue civilian success after your military service.  For more information, please call 858-577-6035 and to register please use the link

    Unwasted (Alcohol-Free) Warrior Weekend

    Friday - Sunday, April 26 - April 28, Times Vary
    The Great Escape, The Hub, Bldg. 5305

    Friday, April 26, 1800: Fear Factor. 1830: 8-Ball Pool Tournament and 2000: Fear Pong

    Saturday, May 27, 1400: Double Trouble Sand Volleyball and Basketball Tournament and 1830: 9-Ball Pool Tournament and 2000: Outdoor Movie

    Sunday, May 28, 1400: Gladiator Challenge and 1600: Dodgeball

    Call 858-577-6171 for more information.

    Mark your Calendar: Military Spouse Appreciation Night Out

    Friday, May 3, 1730-1900
    MCRD San Diego Bay View Restaurant.
    More Details to follow.

    Library/Children’s Library: Beginning Adult Sign Language

    Wednesdays, 1700-1800
    MCAS Miramar Library, Bldg. 5305

    ASL provides a fun, interactive, and enriching environment, teaching participants the benefits and fundamentals of sign language. Participants will learn to sign the alphabet, count, and will learn basic phrases, while building vocabulary and learning the structure of the language. Instruction shall include both spoken words, as well as sign. Handouts showing signs learned in each lesson may be distributed to participants at the end of the lesson to facilitate learning. By the end of the first 10-week course, participants will have completed a course similar to a high school ASL I class. For more information, please call 858-577-1261.

    ITT Office - Tickets on sale

    Stop by the ITT Office, Bldg. 2524 and purchase your tickets for:

    • San Diego Padres
    • Disney on Ice – Worlds of Enchantment (May 2-5 – Last day to purchase at ITT is April 24).
    • Ski Lift Tickets for Mammoth Mountain and Big Bear.

    Call 858-577-4126/4141 or visit the ITT Office in Bldg. 2524 for information.

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