Tel: (858) 307-9338/9339
Location: Bldg. 5305 – The HUB

Legends Enlisted Sport Bar Hours of Operation
Sunday: Closed
Monday: Closed/Holidays
Tuesday: 1600-2100
Wednesday: 1600-2100
Thursday: 1600-2100
Friday: 1600-2300
Saturday: 1600-2200

Legends Sports Bar – Enlisted Club

Legends Sports Bar, open to E-5 and below, is located at Building 5305 – The HUB. Your new and improved sports bar serves your every need with FREE Wi-Fi, nine big screen TVs, video games, a pool table, and jukebox. Legends has a full service bar with six beers on tap. We have two promotions a month with a live DJ and Karaoke. We are located on the west side of the Great Escape. Don’t forget, Domino’s is also located side by side to serve you hot delicious pizzas, wings and sandwiches all day long!

Legends Sports Bar Specials

Tel: (858) 307-4814
Location: Bldg. 4472

Monday-Friday: 0800-1630
Weekends and Holidays: Closed

Mondays, Weekends and Holidays: Closed
Tuesday-Thursday: 1600-2100

1600-0000 / Main Lounge

If there are no customers on-site at 2200,
management can make the call to close
prior to midnight.
Friday Night Social Hour: 1700-1900
– Four Month Trial Basis

Officers’ Club

The MCAS Miramar Officers’ Club and Events Center is now open! Enjoy the event of your dreams in our newly renovated facility. From retirement ceremonies to weddings, birthday parties and everything in between, let us help make your event one to remember.


Tel: (858) 527-1002
Location: Bldg. 3750
Hours of Operation
Tue-Fri: 11am-7pm
Mon, Sat-Sun: Open for private events only

Rockers – SNCO Club

Food, drinks, friends and a spectacular view of the golf course…all in a casual atmosphere! Yes, that’s MCAS Miramar’s Rockers, the Staff NCO Club in a few simple words. This club, for E-6 and above, offers a variety of reasons to visit us often. The club boasts several flat screen tvs, two pool tables (one is outdoors), and a full service bar and a private patio. Join us Tuesday-Friday from 1100-1900 for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or just a beverage and a snack.  We’re also available for private events on Saturday, Sunday and Monday

Rockers – SNCO Club Specials